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AirFit Medi  |  SKU: AF-104604/SM/999

AirFit Medi - Hot & Cold Knee/Elbow Compression Sleeve



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Natural & quick relief for these ailments :
- Biceps / triceps
- Elbow
- Forearm
- Hamstring / quad
- Knee
- Calf / shin
- Ankle


Cold and hot therapy headache & migraine relief cap
- For head, eye, sinus & neck area
- Blocks off light to increase comfort
- Helps induce & sustain sleep
- May assists reducing blood pressure
- Reusable, soft, no condensation

Cold therapy
- For migraines, headaches, eye stress and neck pain
- Cold constricts blood vessels, reduces pain
- Reduces neuro-transmission of pain to the brain
- Reliefs computer & mobile phone eye strain

1. Place the cap in the freezer at -10c for 1 hour to ready it for use.
2. Remove the cap from the refrigerator and put on for as long as desired to relieve pain, swelling, fever & discomfort.

Note: When putting it in the freezer, put it in an airtight bag for hygiene purpose. be careful when applying to children, elderly persons and anyone who finds it difficult to communicate their discomfort.

Hot therapy
- Relieves sinus by loosening mucus
- Heat increases blood flow
- Relaxes tense muscles
- Increases oxygenation in the pain-area

1. Put the cap sleeve in a microwave oven for 20 seconds at medium heat. you can adjust to the desired heat by adding 5 seconds at a time and feeling it before adding additional 5 seconds.
2. Remove the cap from the microwave oven carefully and put on for as long as desired to relieve your pain.

Warning: The temperature should not exceed level where it burns or scalds your skin. it is strongly recommended you feel the cap on your palms to feel the heat before placing it on. if during use, pain persists, stop using immediately.

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